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Agi☆, usually written as Agi, is the resident fox prince that lives in Scarfu's purse. The name 'Agi' is short for the musical term 'Agitato' and is the weakest fire attack in the Shin Megami Tensei game series.

UTAU user since late 2009, Agi mostly enjoys drawing concept art and has an obsession with mythology of all kinds. Agi is also the resident trivia buff and will spout useless information from time to time.

Is usually called a 'tsundere' and still doesn't understand why.

UTAU ProjectsEdit

AULOIDs, with its member of four voices, are run and configured by Agi☆. They include SHOICHIRO, Fuon Sage, PREGAP, and Shamine Shuri.

SHOICHIRO and Shamine Shuri were both voiced by Agi☆, while Fuon Sage was voiced by Sahara, and PREGAP voiced by ace♠

Handling a handful of UTAU already, Agi☆ doesn't want to have to deal with anymore voices, therefore no other UTAU will be created or added to the group.

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