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December 23



UTAU Projects

SELEN, Nunnorü Sasayaki

Additonal Projects

Mr. K

Activity Level

Doing Some Stuff (Mostly porn)

"Artemi is a queen and is rlly moe"

"All hail the yuri princess and queen of henties"
Artemi known as the ghost/ninja member who's "never around but you don't quite know" is one of the oldest and often portraying thousands of knowledge and mature content maturity among her peers. People quickly assume she's such a nice and happy person, but that's only the top of the iceberg when the truth is if you get to know her better and let your guard down she'll try to molest, troll, annoy, deceive your butt up. Who knows if she isn't plotting something for you right now (Approach with Tashannie's caution).

To avoid her pestering rolling rr's and making yourself secure you must offer to the Queen hundred of Tsundere virgins which she loves with a burning passion. ('cept that vio cuz she r kimocheewarrui). It's is rumored (by herself) that she's not really mean and all she does is out of pure LOVE.

Entered the stage of Utau community in 2009 covering the clichés of "Toeto" and "Melt" and there couldn't be user as innactive as her from the start with only one cover per week. Likes drawing overall and while she has skype and msn accounts rarely uses them ever to the point the sight of her online on them is almost a myth. (Mostly seen hanging on twitter.)

UTAU ProjectsEdit

Artemi has voiced the UTAU Sasayaki Nunnorü, SELEN and Mr. K, The first as testing proyect for the program, the second in awes of expanding the variety of female voices around and the third as a joke bank which in the end some people liked and decided to keep. All together doesn't have an entablished proyect name but on their ask blog on Tumblr they go by Cieloid

She worked on two more banks; a young male and a young female, unnamed and never released due to personal complications.

Currently struggling to update all the voice libraries.


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