Edel Wing
"Don't...look at me...please?"
Place of Birth Unknown
Birthday February 17
Age 16
Height 4'11 / 152cm
Weight 90lbs / 40.8kg
Blood Type AB
Voice/Config wing/brella
Range of Vocal C4 ~ C5
Flags for Use F0Y0C99 (fresamp)
Family Structure None
Character Item(s) Caramel Apple

Edel is a mysterious girl; not much is known about her including where she lives, who's her family, what's her diet or mating habits.



Edel is a soft-spoken girl, and doesn't like attention on her. If she feels uncomfortable, she will stay frozen in place in an attempt to play dead, then proceed to dart away without warning into the sunset. As one gets to know Edel though, one finds out she's just frightened by every little thing that crosses her path and doesn't understand why people like to talk so much because that's scary too. She's pretty to look at when she's bumbling around like a clutz trying to get away from you.


Staying perfectly still, ballet in the secrecy of her home

Favorite Things:

Bird-watching, high places

Detested Things:

Cats, drunkards, busy places, winter



What a loner.




Her usual outfit consists of a grey turtleneck top and a silk sleeveless dress with a green and off-white argyle cape with lace hem on top. She wears a string of pearls that hang off her right side of her shoulders. Edel wears grey leggings with brown mary-janes. As for accessories, she wears a pair of winged cuffs on her wrists and a feather hair tie.

Voicebank LinksEdit

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