The Poploids are a collective UTAU Group produced by Scarfu and Taiwonton. They originated in 2010 as the by product of derping around after finding UTAU Yoshiki Roku. You can find more information about the PopLoids at their website .

Hayacon Tsubacon Junicon Hollaatyoboi
Hayari Kanbine
Tsubaki Kirine
JUN Yuzune
Shunicon Kasu Sozokun
SHUN Yuzune
Kasui Kamene
Sozoku Nusune


The D:-Loids are a group of UTAU produced by vio. starting in early 2010 when she was just starting out. She got easily frustrated with the program in 2009 and quit, only to pick it back up and complete her first voicebank in Feburary. Thus "D:" being a disk drive and also the face of her irritation in creating Karen, became the moniker of her series of UTAU.

Kareicon Ladacon Tanbb Igambbb
Karen Mokkene
Tansei Mokkene
Igamu Kyoukubane


AULoids are a group of UTAU produced by Agi☆. Starting in late 2009, they were some of the first produced UTAU from Overseas. You can find out more information at their website .
Shoicon Sageicon Shuricon Gapicon
Sage Fuon
Shuri Shamine


The Terraloids started out as a group of UTAU Produced soley by Jadii. They have expanded to including UTAU by others as time went on. It should be noted that Sachi, the original member, was the first Irish UTAU that also sang in Irish. You can find more at their temporary home site .

Sachicon Ceoilicon Daikicon Folericon
Sachi Eika
Ceoil Eika
Daiki Eika
Foley Eika


A group of UTAU produced by D. Artemisatto.
Nuicon Selecon Mrkiko
Nunnorü Sasayaki
Mr. K


Brella's UTAU are a recently named group called "gardenscape", and they Configured and/or voiced by umbrellaguns on youtube. Brella surfaced with Linako Sonone in 2010 and began making USTs quickly. You can find voicebanks and USTs produced by Brella at her dreamwidth site .

Linacon Remicon Fukicon Kanicon Edelicon
Linako Sonone
Remu Sonone
Fuki Kusane
Natsuki Kanine
Edel Wing

The MakunesEdit

UTAU that take the form of mimicing the Macloids. They were the original MAC-Formula derived UTAU and as such have been given attention. Hachi was produced in 2009, with Ichiro coming out in 2010 pre-dating Macne Papa.

Hachicon Ichiroicon
Hachi Makune
Ichiro Makune

The RosairesEdit

Memebers of UTAU XYZ, these two are mostly managed by Aaron. Mathieu was produced as a joint effort by Myst and Aaron in early 2010. Maddie was produced by Aaron, AGI, Jadii, Scarfu, and AOI in early 2012.
Mathbb Maddicon
Mathieu Rosaire
(マティーユ ロゼール)
Maddie Rosaire
(マディー ロゼール)

Syo's UTAUEdit

Syo's UTAU Debuted as Shou Kaneyama in early 2009. It is his most focused production he has worked on since entry into the scene. Shou was one of the first Korean-Capable UTAU and has only been improved upon since creation. Syo started collaborating with 34CYGNI in 2010.

Shou Kaneyama
Baak Yatchou
Wandu Hyang
Gyuhwa Hyang


These are UTAU produced by members of Faguar but are not part of a collective.

Violetico Lucicon Jaspacon Albiteicon
( バイオレッタ)