Fuki Kusane
"I have many secrets, so'll need to turn on a light..."
Place of Birth The wild outdoors (...unknown)
Birthday July 1
Age 16
Height 5'2 / 157.5 cm
Weight 93lbs / 42kg
Blood Type AB
Voice/Config brella
Range of Vocal A3 ~ D5
Flags for Use F0g-2 (fresamp)
Family Structure unknown
Character Item(s) Butterfly net

Fuki is a bit of a wild child and a free spirit. She doesn't let much bring her down, other than being scolded by Linako who she refers to as a big sister.



A fun-loving girl with no care for lady-like mannerisms, she often acts younger than she really is. Fuki really enjoys being blunt with how she feels about others - she means no harm when she says strange things about you though. She also doesn't believe in barriers between people. If she wants to climb on someone's head, she'll make it known. In actuality, she knows more than she lets on...


Communicating with insects and certain animals, climbing tall things/people, a strange knowledge of physics thanks to Remu's choices for bedtime stories

Favorite Things:

Insects, rainy days, dirt, sweets and baked foods, fish

Detested Things:

Cars, cramped spaces, chores, centipedes



Hachi Makune, Aria Cavatina


Remu Sonone, Linako Sonone


She wears an orange, with teal and black stripes hoodie vest and underneath, she sports a black cropped spandex turtleneck that exposes her midrift. She wears black balloon shorts with a yellow star chain wrapping around her right side. She also wears fingerless gloves and a yellow star earring.

Voicebank LinksEdit

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