Hachi Makune
"Aren't I so cute~"
Place of Birth N/A
Birthday December 4
Age 16
Height 4'11 / 150 cm
Weight 90lbs / 40.82kg
Blood Type B
Voice/Config misha
Range of Vocal C4 ~ C5
Flags for Use B0C99H05
Family Structure unknown
Character Item(s) Cinnamon Rolls

Hachi is an outgoing and energetic girl. Her parents traveled a lot for fun, and as such she grew up with her childhood friend, Ichiro. As she grew up, she became obssessed with the Macnes, and decided she wanted to look just like them.



Hachi is a completely, 'all-up-in-your-face-and-business' kind of person. She tends to run her mouth a lot, and sometimes doesnt stop to think before speaking. Hachi loves to pull pranks on others, especially if she feels they deserve it. Loud and rambuncious, she loves to have fun and do activities with others. She needs constant attention and loves to be praised. Hachi can get a bit possessive of things and people, especially if they stop paying attention to her. She's not below pouting and sulking if she doesnt get her way. Hachi has a bad habit of taking things overboard and getting obsessed with things she likes.


Is quite good at acting cute to get what she wants. Also has a less well known talent of being a good stalker.

Favorite Things:

Teasing People, Pulling Pranks, Video Games, Cereal, Grapes

Detested Things:

Shy People, Annoying People, Most Sweets, Failing/Losing, Getting Yelled At.



Ichiro Makune, Sachi Eika, Fuki Kasane, JUN Yuzune, SELEN, Karen Mokkene.


Ichiro Makune



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