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Rosaire Pair

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Active, but lazy

Aaron, nicknamed Husbando by his plethora of spouses, is best known as the man who launched a thousand ships. Having a harem containing wives of all types of dere, Aaron spends his free time teasing the tsun, the yan, and the others, while enjoying their company with his daily schedule. Being one of the few males in the circle, he enjoys being surrounded by women, but also celebrates the company of his twin, Agi☆ who can do a spot on impression of his UTAU's voice. A great fan of Shin Megami Tensei, Aaron enjoys spending his days looking up pixiv art with the tag ペルソナ or P3P and finding cute things that he can share.

Aaron has been using UTAU since recording around late 2009, and enjoys yelling at the program when it tends to be frustrating. He is a language buff and loves learning new languages, hoping that one day he can utilize his language skills to woo as many women as humanly possible to increase his harem. Although called a "silent protagonist" by his twin, he enjoys the occassional Skype chat and conversations with friends. He is deredere, but will act tsundere for Artemi on occasion.

UTAU ProjectsEdit

The Rosaires are his only current voices, with Mathieu Rosaire and Maddie Rosaire, but there are plans to do at least one more voicebank, not voiced by himself most likely. Mathieu Rosaire is voiced by himself, but Maddie Rosaire is voiced by his friend and utattemita AOI★. He will add more info later because he is far too lazy to care at 7 am.

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