Igamu Kyoukubane
"Nn, No more of this conversing..."
Place of Birth Bratsk, Russia
Birthday May 5
Age 26
Height 6'3 / 190.5 cm
Weight 190lbs / 86.4 kg
Blood Type A
Voice/Config vintage / vio.
Range of Vocal c2 ~ c6
Flags for Use Y20H10g+5 (resampler)
Family Structure Mother, Father, Brother (Deceased)
Character Item(s) Lighter, Full-Rest Note

Igamu Kyoukubane (Real Name, Mischa Motov) is a D:-Loid and Member of the fictional "FG:AЯ" boyband, modeled after such likenesses of Big Bang and Super Junior. He is a man of foreign background and is not eloquent in any language but his own, which he is unable to use. Generally quiet and in the background, Igamu is not one for socialization.



Hardly one to speak up, Igamu is the least sociable and probably least desireable friend. Since he speaks so little, it is hard to trust him. He is generally indifferent to what is happening around him and has no thoughts to be nice to anyone, and acts roughly. Additonally, hates people who wear tophats.


Plays cards and gambles well. Immunity to getting drunk. Surprisingly flexible and is strong from acrobatic training.

Favourite Things:

Being alone, Vodka and Alcohol, Animals, Cigars and Cigarettes

Detested Things:

People wearing tophats, Tea, A lot of things...



Violetta (Tutors)


Karen Mokkene, Tansei Mokkene, Ladata


Wears an old navy blue ringleader jacket, the coattails torn to shreds. It has metal shoulder pads that resemble the Russian flag. Under his coat, he wears a simple green v-neck tee. He has brown flare-style pants with a single green pinstripe running down the middle of each leg. His boots are military style with green soles, blue base and a brown toe and they string across instead of being tied. He wears a chained belt that holds onto his lighter. He wears green-tint goggles to mask his eyes. [Concept Art]
For "Boy-Band" activites, you will see him in a navy blue suit coat with golden military-style buttons and a patent leather black tie. He has a green dress shirt with cufflinks underneath, and wears aviators in place of his goggles. It is presumed he has matching suit pants and black dress shoes.

Voicebank LinksEdit

>> Kyoukubane Igamu ~FIRST~ (SingleSound / CV)