JUN Yuzune
"Hey hey, you think I could be in a boyband??"
Place of Birth N/A
Birthday June 14
Age 17
Height 5'7 / 171 cm
Weight 135lbs / 61 kg
Blood Type N/A
Voice/Config taiwonton
Range of Vocal c3 ~ c4
Flags for Use g1~3
Family Structure Mother, Father, Brother
Character Item(s) Stuffed Rabbit

JUN Yuzune is a POPLoid and Member of the fictional "FG:AЯ" boyband, modeled after such likenesses of Big Bang and Super Junior. He was the most excited to begin a boyband, but he tries not to show his ethusiasm too much. He wants to run the gang, but he's often looked down upon.



At first glance you'd think Jun's the agreeable little brother. He's actually quite bratty and easy to fluster despite what he might say. He's interested in more feminine things, such as sewing and stuffed animals. He's generally hard to get to along with, but when he warms up to you it becomes easier for him to try and understand you.


Sewing and knitting, the girly stuff

Favourite Things:

Fashion, Stuffed animals, and Shoujo Manga

Detested Things:

Violence, Dirt, loose buttons, and being called "girly"



Sachi Eika, Hachi Makune, Mathieu Rosaire (Older Brother relationship)


SHUN Yuzune (Brother), Kasui Kamene, Hayari Kanbine, Tsubaki Kirine, TATARI, Sozoku Nusune


JUN is very fashionable, and takes great pride in trying out fashions before everyone else can catch on, so he's taken the liberty of trying spandex under his classic nickname-sake shorts. He wears an open orange hoodie and a few wristbands on his arms. He's also got a nice pair of black combat boots with white laces. Concept Art
When he's trying to run the Boyband, Jun makes sure to try and stand out and atleast look the part of leader. He wears a black overcoat with a "Circus-Leader" shoulder pad with tassles on his right, with white dress shirt and yellow tie to match his hair. He probably wears shorts and spandex with them.

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