Karen Mokkene
"Ihi, don't talk to me that way~ It's not helping you out at all!"
Place of Birth Liverpool, UK
Birthday February 2
Age 20
Height 5'5 / 165 cm
Weight 125lbs / 56.7 kg
Blood Type B
Voice/Config vio.
Range of Vocal c3 ~ c5
Flags for Use g+3F-14 (resamp/vcv)
Family Structure Mother (Deceased), Father
Character Item(s) 16th Note / Gun

Karen Mokkene is a girl who looks like she could be a sweetie, but really, she likes to give people hell. Hailing from an upscale family of both British and Japanese mix, the girl likes to dote on herself as perfect. Though, she won't like it if you tell that to her. She knows, after all!



Her first words to you could probably be extremely off-putting if you're not "cute" or have a guitar slung across your back. Not one for pointless chatter, but she sure does love to push everyone's buttons. She feels very confident in herself and actions and presents herself as "Truthful" at all times.


Gaming, Gun Handling

Favorite Things:

Her XBOX360, Teasing, Violence, Chocolates and Sour Candies

Detested Things:

Dogs, Idiots, Liars



Hayari Kanbine, Tsubaki Kirine, SHUN Yuzune, Linako Sonone, Hachi Makune, Maddie Rosaire


Tansei Mokkene (Brother?), LADATA, Igamu Kyoukubane

Other People of Interest:

Mathieu Rosaire (Her "dog"), TATARI (Dislikes)


Mauve colored bubble dress with keyboard trim and ruffles and a high collar. A corset with dark purple siding is layered ontop. Short mauve gloves with thistle colored trim. Feather boa around neck. High dark purple boots with mauve colored tongue, and fishnet tights. Wears a tie and choker around neck. Concept Art
Gentle Append:
Mauve colored dress that gathers around her waist and poofs on the left hip, and cascades down to the floor. There is a black wrap-top that is sewn in, as well as a black mini skirt underneath. She accessorizes with dark purple pumps and garter, as well as long, black gloves. Concept Art

Voicebank LinksEdit

>> Mokkene Karen ~THIRD~ (Single Sound / CV)
>> Mokkene Karen ~CONTINUOUS~ (One Pitch / VCV)
>> Mokkene Karen ~GENTLE~ (Single Sound / CV)