Kasui Kamene
"Oi, You ain'ta fag are ya?!"
Place of Birth N/A
Birthday July 15
Age 21
Height 6'4 / 193 cm
Weight 187lbs / 85 kg
Blood Type N/A
Voice/Config scarfu
Range of Vocal c3 ~ c4
Flags for Use N/A
Family Structure Unknown
Character Item(s) Cola

Kasui Kamene is a Poploid and Member of the fictional "FG:AЯ" boyband, modeled after such likenesses of Big Bang and Super Junior. He's a rough and tumble sort of guy with an extremely short fuse.



Kasui is brash and straight-forward, but he doesn't always mean what he says. He's a tough guy and tries to project that with not only his physical attributes, but with his words as well. He isn't that bright, and can quickly get tongue-tied and left feeling vulnerable for all to see. He has a soft spot for gals, though he won't own up to any stupid feelings or anything.


Rather strong, but his true talent lies in cooking.

Favourite Things:

Turtles, Baking, Getting into fights and arguing

Detested Things:

Idiots, Being asked questions, his credit cards becoming M.I.A., Rabbits and other Rodents



Mathieu Rosaire, Selen


SHUN Yuzune (Best Friend), Tsubaki Kirine (Crush), JUN Yuzune, TATARI, Sozoku Nusune, Hayari Kanbine


Opting for less clothing, Kasui wears an open, white jacket with spikes on the shoulders and cuffs. He wears baggy green pants that fail to hide his mismatched green and orange shoe. Concept Art
When he's roped into preforming "stupid fag songs" with his friends, he dresses quite well. He wears a black dress shirt beneath a white studded vest. He has a green tie to match the pocket on his vest. He probably wears some loose slacks and squared dress shoes along with it. He also has a black overcoat, but he won't wear it.

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