Linako Sonone
"There are many ways to say I love you, but a hug and a kiss is my favorite. ♥"
Place of Birth Unknown
Birthday May 28
Age 17
Height 5'6 / 167.6 cm
Weight 108lbs / 48kg
Blood Type B
Voice/Config brella
Range of Vocal E3 ~ E5
Flags for Use F0g-4 (fresamp)
Family Structure Remu Sonone (brother)
Character Item(s) Flower wreath

Linako Sonone proudly calls herself the universal mother, and as such will take the self-proclaimed title to the extreme with everyone she meets. You shouldn't take her too seriously, but it's good to play along.



With a warm smile always on her face, Linako treats everyone like family - specifically like children - and is kind-hearted to the core. In that way she is also stubborn when she thinks she is right; she doesn't understand when people tell her she's being too friendly for comfort. She does have bouts of frustration and sadness but the simple things in life cheer her up.


Gardening is her forte, and baking/cooking comes next. If cleaning is a talent, she calls herself the best in the world at it.

Favorite Things:

Tea, dress shopping, new recipes, flowers, embroidery,

Detested Things:

Storms, the smell of smoke, crickets and roaches



Karen Mokkene, Tansei Mokkene, Mathieu Rosaire, Foley Eika, Wandu Hyang, Gyuhwa Hyang, Kazuko Yonagine


Remu Sonone, Fuki Kusane


Linako wears a poof-sleeved cream blouse with a black neck ribbon. Over her top she wears a brown and neon pink sweetheart neckline dress that parts in the middle. Underneath she wears brown shorts with a simple silver belt. Her boots are brown with pink accents. She wears dark brown gloves.
Linako likes to wear a more down-to-earth outfit when singing with her gentle voice. She wears a soft yellow long-puff-sleeved blouse with a high waist A-line green skirt with a petal-like hem. A faint floral print is on her skirt and estends lightly on her blouse. She wears white socks with wooden open-toed shoes. Linako puts her hair to the side for this outfit.

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