Mathieu Rosaire
"Wanna be my sous chef?"
Place of Birth France
Birthday October 13
Age 18
Height 6'2 / 188 cm
Weight 185lbs / 84 kg
Blood Type N/A
Voice/Config Aaron/Myst
Range of Vocal f2 ~ f5
Flags for Use N/A
Family Structure Mother, Father, Sister
Character Item(s) Absinthe

Mathieu Rosaire is a member of UTAUXYZ and Member of the fictional "FG:AЯ" boyband, modeled after such likenesses of Big Bang and Super Junior. Simply put, he's a french man with enough passion for 15 different types of fruit juice.



A little silly and personable, Mathieu is one that is quick to befriend everyone. Making everyone he associates with get along around him, though, is something he's not quite worried about. A little naive minded, Mathieu only means the best. He's a little perverted though, and on many occassions gets the boot. He's just a normal guy.


Cooking, Learning Languages

Favourite Things:

Women, Languages of Europe, Cooking, Wine, and Football (That's 'soccer' for you stupid Americans)

Detested Things:

Rejection, English (The Language, mostly...)



Tansei Mokkene, JUN Yuzune (Little Brother figure), Ichiro Makune, Kasui Kamene

Other People of Interest:

Karen Mokkene (Love to Hate/Hate to Love), Violetta (Old Highschool Pal)


Oblivious to Fashion as some say, Mathieu is simple and pretty much picks whatever the hell looks clean. In these cases, it's usually a white and navy striped open-neck top with a vest overlaying it. The vest has a few patches for personal touches, displaying the German and French flags. He needs a British one desperately. He also wears Kahki pants with a nice brown belt and the pants are tucked into some equally brown boots. Simple, and effective. He also wears a choker, but it gets turned into a collar for a disobedient dog most times. Concept Art
Breezy Append:
For days when he feels like making an impression while all the same looking pretty casual and laid back, Mathieu likes to wear a deep zip up, v-neck cardigan with a black v-neck t-shirt. The cardigan has blue cuffs and neck embellishments to set off his nice green plaid baggy pants. As if that weren't enough, Mathieu futher accessorizes with loose suspenders and belt around his arm, puts on some metallic-rimmed glasses and throws a few hairclips into his 'do. Oh, and he's got a black, loose vest layered ontop. Concept Art
When Mathieu's enjoying himself by singing fantastic feel-good songs by boys, for girls, he makes sure to put in an extra effort for them ladies. He wears a white vintage over-coat with black trimmings ontop of a black, bedazzled open-neck top. He wears white pants and black, squared dress shoes as well. To add some French Flair, Mathieu has added a green scarf to the ensemble.

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