Mr. K (stage name)
"Just Chiiiiill, dude! BD"
Place of Birth Margarita/Venezuela
Birthday November 17
Age 24
Height 6'2 / 188 cm
Weight 185lbs / 84 kg
Blood Type O
Voice/Config Artemi
Range of Vocal g2 ~ e4
Flags for Use N/A
Family Structure Father (deceased), Mother.
Character Item(s) Mango

Mr. K is a member of the fictional "FG:AЯ" boyband, modeled after such likenesses of Big Bang and Super Junior. If there's a word that can describe him, It must be Carefree.



Rather breezy and easy to get along, you can tell he's the happy-go-lucky type. Loves outdoor activities and any kind of sports, probably drag you along if he wants to have a quick game unless you upfront say no. He is the least likely to hold grudges but perhaps feel as if he was rejected by a girl. It's alright though, by tomorrow he would already forgot. Lazy and forgetful doesn't make him the most reliable person, tends to go with the flow and is more interested in chasing skirts than being in a boy band. Probably.


Very Atletic.

Favourite Things:

Women, sunglasses, surf, sleep, collecting bandannas.

Detested Things:

Traps, hard work, fights and traps.



Ceoil Eika, Makune Hachi, Kamene Kasui, Mathieu Rosaire, Caeles (Cup judgement partner). Everybody (onesided maybe pfff)


Sasayaki Nunnorü/Noonorü, SELEN/HEULEN.


Mr. K's normal attire is pretty sporty. He wears a spandex body suit beneath a jersey-esque yellow top and a pair of basketball shorts with zippers up the middle. Super convienent when it gets hot on the court,right? He wears fingerless spandex-like material gloves with metal cuffs under the elbow. Additionally, ties a blue sash around his waist and an identical one around his head. He wears glasses to look even more "cool". He sports simple white and yellow tennis shoes, and a blue-toothesque piece on his left ear. Concept Art
When Mr. K changes into his Boy Band threads, he's out to impress and catch some ladies. As such, he's ready to impress. He has a white dress shirt beneath a brown vest that has a yellow patching on the right shoulder, and dons a brown collar. He also wears a white tie with black-tipping, and has traded his glasses in for some super stylish aviators. Of course, he wears a headband in the same material of the patching on his vest and a pair of black fingerless gloves with yellow cuffs.

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