Natsuki Kanine
"...I think you're nice. Nice people are nice... :D"
Place of Birth Unknown
Birthday August 26
Age 21
Height 5'10 / 178 cm
Weight 147lbs / 67kg
Blood Type O
Voice/Config ducknoodles/brella
Range of Vocal C3 ~ C5
Flags for Use F0g-2C99 (fresamp)
Family Structure None
Character Item(s) Crab

Natsuki is a fairly new to the scene, but with a bit of hard work, things will work out (or so he believes). He currently is trying to get the hang of the strange occurances that happen around town, but as the days go by, he slowly believes it might be better to make the slightest impression he can give.



Natsuki at first glance seems to be a charming young adult, radiating a boy-next-door charm, but in reality, he's scrambling around trying to make some extra cash doing odd jobs for his shopping addiction in hopes he could look like an idol pulled straight out of a magazine. Natsuki feels a tad apphrensive talking about himself, afraid of being judged for his plainess, but he loves being nosy around others - as such he can be a bit annoying, but he means no harm.


Sorting whites from colored, bargain-hunting, record-speed crab eating, a good memory

Favorite Things:

New clothes, a full wallet, dancing, crabs (and seafood in general)

Detested Things:

Swimming, thieves







Natsuki wears a teal and white scrunched neckline 3/4 sleeve top with a red accent line streaking down the right half of his torso. The most notceable feature of his wardrobe is the large red and blue shawl draped around his shoulders. He wears grey pants with a digital belt depicting waveforms and black boots with red laces. He wears black gloves with silver bangles and red/blue headphones that connect around the back of his head.

Voicebank LinksEdit

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