Remu Sonone
"Please don't take anything too much to heart. Worry lines across the forehead are quite unattractive...especially on yours."
Place of Birth Unknown
Birthday January 19
Age 25
Height 5'11 / 180 cm
Weight 165lbs / 75kg
Blood Type B
Voice/Config brella
Range of Vocal C3 ~ C4
Flags for Use g2~3 (tn_fnds)
Family Structure Linako Sonone (sister)
Character Item(s) Incense, Floral cape

Remu Sonone is member of 12 person unit "FG:AЯ," a newly established boy band of sorts featuring many personalities.



Remu is often sarcastic and doesn't take anything or anyone seriously. He takes pleasure in joking with people he talks with - although his humor involves making fun of them. He doesn't like to put extra effort into activities and would rather lounge around, but he does enjoy the company - if you can take brusque insults with a grain of salt. He has a soft spot for graceful people albeit he treats them the same way.


Well informed of traditional Japanese practices; he can perform a tea ceremony quite well. Also is quite skilled at ikebana, but likes to hide that fact.

Favourite Things:

Tea, bamboo/rock gardens, incense, winter and the kotatsu, his sister's cooking, alcohol

Detested Things:

Filth, children, loud music, sweet flavors - especially strawberries



Tansei Mokkene, Shou Kaneyama, Yong Joon, Yutaro


Linako Sonone, Fuki Kusane


Remu sports a spandex-esque black long sleeve top with a high mandarin collar wine red/black vest. A pink ribbon is tied around his neck. Over his dark gray pants, he wears a large floral cape with onyx colored jewels and red tassles. He wears black boots with a pink accent. He also has one earring on his left ear ressmbling a black cross.
His current boyband look is comprised of a aubergine-colored dress shirt with a red tie, and a 3/4 arm black blazer over a white vest with a black stripe accent and red/gold buttons. He sports black slacks and square-toed loafers for his bottom half. For his stage look, he sweeps his bangs up and towards the side.

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