SHUN Yuzune
Place of Birth N/A
Birthday July 15
Age 21
Height 6'0 / 183 cm
Weight 138lbs / 63 kg
Blood Type N/A
Voice/Config taiwonton
Range of Vocal c3 ~ c4
Flags for Use g1~3
Family Structure Mother, Father, Brother
Character Item(s) Bass Guitar

SHUN Yuzune is a POPLoid and Member of the fictional "FG:AЯ" boyband, modeled after such likenesses of Big Bang and Super Junior. He didn't really care about a boyband, but he went along with the flow since Kasui happened to be there... Now he happens to try and regulate these meetings.



Neither a fighter nor a Lover, Shun prefers the sidelines and doesn't care to be in the mess of things. He's quiet and to the point when he does speak, though. Shun is very much in charge though when greatness happens to be thrust upon him. He can be embarassed rather easily, though.


Bass Guitar

Favourite Things:

Sleeping, Cigarettes, Peace and Quiet, Musical Instruments

Detested Things:

Thunder, Irresponsibility, Nosy people



Remu Sonone, Karen Mokkene


JUN Yuzune (Brother), Kasui Kamene (Best Friend), Hayari Kanbine, Tsubaki Kirine, TATARI, Sozoku Nusune


Shun is simple but fashionable, choosing an open-neck tee with a tie and guitar-pick necklace to fill the voice over his collarbone. He sports trademark red pants with a white belt crossing from his right to left hip. Accessory-wise, he's wearing leg-warmers up to his knees, hiding tan boots beneath them. A band of red string ties around mid-height. He also wears one glove on his right hand and white bangles on his left. Concept Art
Being the most practical of the bunch, Shun has prefered to wear a red v-neck and black cardigan overlaying it. He wears a cross around his neck and a chain around his ear to give himself a little style from the rest. His bangles make a reappearance on his left arm, but in multiples. It's safe to say he decided against red pants with this ensemble and went with a safe black pair of dress pants and his tan boots.

Voicebank LinksEdit

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