Sachi Eika
Sachi by jadelaunders-d4mdn9u
"I...It's n-nice to meet you!! ...Are you staring at me...?! ;;"
Place of Birth Dublin, Ireland
Birthday April 30th
Age 14
Height 5'6 / 168 cm
Weight 132 lbs / 60 kg
Blood Type N/A
Voice/Config Jadii
Range of Vocal c3 ~ c5
Flags for Use N/A (TIPS/m4/bkh01)
Family Structure Mother, Father, Sister
Character Item(s) Cavan Cola/Kiwis

Sachi is a timid girl. She's a hardworker who was practically raised by her older sister from a young age due to her parent's constant travelling. Originally from Ireland, she lives in a houseboat and generally travels whenever Ceoil takes a fancy to somewhere she's read about.



She's a shy girl who is not very confident in herself (much in glaring contrast to her big sister). Studying is not one of her stronger points, but physically she's in great shape and enjoys sports/training a lot. Has a tendency to fluster herself or trip up/stumble on her words. Does not take compliments well and has a difficult time expressing herself, she can be a little awkward about it. If she doesn't know you well, she can be agreeable to a fault as she could be too nervous to express an opinion. However, if she is close to you she can be very friendly and warm, she is more prone to open up.


Athletic abilities

Favorite Things:

Stuffed toys, Sports, Cute animals, Cola, Fishing

Detested Things:

Exams, Breaking things, Eating fishies



Hachi Makune, JUN Yuzune


Ceoil Eika (Older sister), Daiki Eika (cousin), Foley Eika (cousin)


She wears a long sleve black sweater with orange ends under a big poofy white hoodie with orange ends, with the initials "TL-01" imprinted on the black front pocket. Her hat is a detatchable hood from the jumper, with a bow at the right handside and a piano pattern coming out of the ribbon. Her skirt is black and has an inverted piano design, with the folds, which are black, being the white keys of a piano, and the white pattern on the skirt being the black keys. She wears green leggings with black ends, and for shoes she wears black and green converse. Based on the Irish flag. Concept Art

Voicebank LinksEdit

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