Himehime by scarfu-d53hszl


Amber Leigh








December 9th


New Mexico

UTAU Projects

POPLoids A (Hayari Kanbine, Kasui Kamene, TATARI)

Additonal Projects

Violetta, Jasper

Activity Level


scarfu is the one and only princess of the Faguar clan and makes it known on a regular occassion. She often has very ambitious ideas but is too lazy to go through with any of them and plays video games instead. While she is often hidoi to many of her fagmates, Misha in particular, she is all bark and no bite and often sheds moe tears. She is in fact a scarf and is striped white and red.

scarfu stepped into the UTAU community in 2010, dragging Tai along with her. In group projects, she tends to work with the program, configuration, rendering of voices and mixing.

UTAU ProjectsEdit

Scarfu's primary projects (Hayari Kanbine, Kasui Kamene, TATARI) make up the A side of the POPLOID group, whereas Violetta is grouped with Lucy in a separate project maintained with Tai. Jasper, grouped with Albite, is another separate project maintained with Jadii.

Scarfu has created many things for the UTAU community such as the UTAU murder mystery visual novel Rise an Fall with heavy assistance from the rest of the members of Faguar. She has also written and uploaded 5 original songs using various UTAU as the vocalists.

Scarfu's personal links Edit

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