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taiwonton, tai






February 27th


Irvine, CA


Tsubaki Kirine, Jun Yuzune, Shun Yuzune, Lucy

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Two Unnamed

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Tai is a really lazy ass person who is too lazy to think of something cool to say. A second-generation Taiwanese girl, she takes her name from a mash-up between "Taiwan" and "Wonton". She is currently a college student, so she spends most of her time studying, doing homework, and maintaining her social life, while her free time is spent drawing and roleplaying because she has no life.

Dragged kicking and screaming into UTAU by scarfu during a sleepover, she grew to love and idolize Roku Yoshiki and Gill Hayasu, sticking around in the fandom she initially thought she would abandon the very next day. Thereafter, she created four UTAUloids: Tsubaki Kirine, Jun Yuzune, Shun Yuzune, and Lucy.

In almost all projects she participates in, she contributes only in art, as she is engaged in a never ending war with the UTAU program.

Everyone seems to joke and tease her about how much she likes yaoi which is totally fine with Tai because she's a hentai. Shhhh.

UTAU ProjectsEdit

Three of Tai's UTAUloids make up the B-Side of the UTAU group the POPloids: Tsubaki Kirine, JUN Yuzune, SHUN Yuzune, and her fourth UTAU, Lucy is one of three of the UTAU sisters. Voicebank configurations were done by either Prince Syo, ChaseFireflies, or Tai herself.

She's kinda sorta working on VCV but notrly.

Otherwise, she can be considered on an indefinite hiatus, as she has no plans for creating UTAU related videos or songs in the upcoming year because lazy.