Wallice "Tansei" Mokkene
"Ah, a lady such as yourself need not worry~"
Place of Birth Liverpool, UK
Birthday September 9
Age 20
Height 5'8 / 178 cm
Weight 146lbs / 66.2kg
Blood Type O
Voice/Config vio.
Range of Vocal c2 ~ c5
Flags for Use g3X99F0 (fresamp)
Family Structure Mother, Father (Deceased)
Character Item(s) Tophat, Half-Rest Note

Tansei Mokkene (Real Name, Wallice) is a D:-Loid and Member of the fictional "FG:AЯ" boyband, modeled after such likenesses of Big Bang and Super Junior. Overall gentle and down to earth, he could be considered one of the most well mannered of the boys. He enjoys drinking teas and going out late at night and scoring ladies.



Smooth talker who is eloquent with his words, yet he fails to grasp others's feelings sometimes. He tries extremely hard to be well-liked and would like to befriend everyone. He's very old-fashioned in his ways of thinking and expression. Loves to call ladies pet names.


He is capable of playing the Cello, and was trained on it since he was small.

Favourite Things:

Classical Music, Tea, His Tophat, Dogs, Ladies

Detested Things:

Alcohol, Newer styles of music, coffee



Mathieu Rosaire (Best Friend), Maddie Rosaire, Remu Sonone, Linako Sonone, Ichiro Makune, Hayari Kanbine


Karen Mokkene (Sister?), Ladata, Igamu Kyoukubane


Regularly seen in an off-white dress shirt with a wine-red pinstriped vest overlaying it. It is accompanied by a pair of beige high-waisted suspender pants. He wears mid-calf boots with the pant legs tucked in slightly. Accesory-wise he wears a golden cravat with a red-gem inset, perhaps a microphone of somesort, and finger-cut grey gloves. Of course, there is a wine-red tophat with lace and an off-white band for decoration. You can also find three piercings in his left ear. He has an imprint on his left pinky. [Concept Art]
For "Boy-Band" activites, you will see him in a white blouse with a black overcoat that has white interior. He is top-hatless in this incarnation, but makes up with it with a red cravat and golden chain. It is assumed he wears black trousers and black dress shoes to complete this look.

Voicebank LinksEdit

>> Mokkene Tansei ~SECOND~ (SingleSound / CV)