Tsubaki Kirine
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Place of Birth Taipei, Taiwan
Birthday June 2
Age 19
Height 5'4 / 165 cm)
Weight 105 lbs / 47 kg)
Blood Type N/A
Voice/Config Prince Syo
Range of Vocal C4 - C5
Flags for Use N/A (TIPS)
Family Structure Mother, Father, Older Brother (Tsubame Kirine)

Tsubaki Kirine is a diva from Taiwanese descent, a complete narcissist and spoiled brat. Her family is relatively wealthy, and so she enjoys living with a sense of extravagance. She's also known for her underhanded and two-faced personality, being a bit on the shallow side when it comes to priorities.



Tsubaki is brutally honest and doesn't mince her words or her opinions, which often makes her seem abrasive and hard to get along with. She can be extremely sweet and cheerful to those select few she likes however, and can even become rather clingy towards them.


Shopping, spending money

Favorite Things:

Clothes, make-up, singing

Detested Things:

Being scolded, not being the center of attention, TATARI



Ichiro Makune, Karen Mokkene, Mathieu Rosaire (also doubles as a personal servant)


Hayari Kanbine (best friend), JUN Yuzune, SHUN Yuzune (Brother), Kasui Kamene, TATARI, Sozoku Nusune

Other People of Interest:

Kaneyama Shou (bickering partners)


A white sleeveless asymmetrical-dress with a high collar that hides her mouth, a mandarin collar accent down the side and blue frills on the hem. This is worn over a black underdress, along with royal blue pumps and blue DJ headphones that wrap around the back of her head. She has a barcode tattoo on the inside of her left thigh. Concept Art
Two-toned off-the-shoulder mini-dress that extends into a pair of gloves with a blue frill on the back hem. A black mask to cover her mouth, and a silver collar necklace that extends down past her collarbone. Black DJ headphones with blue accents are connected to her mask. Concept Art

Voicebank LinksEdit

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